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     Antalya is perhaps one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Deep blue sea, lush nature and witness the evidence of history is filled with artifacts of all these beauties in this unique city, where you will find everything you away from the crowd, we can say that there is almost a mini Antalya.
    Alanya is an excellent choice that has Antalya features away from the crowds of the city
It allows you to be saturated with the sun with its sunny weather throughout the summer. Alanya is home to Antalya's important shopping and entertainment centers. Famous sample cinemas, historic Alanya houses... You will not have refagated from the pros that are in city life while being away from the chaos of the city in Alanya.

    Konakli mahmutlar Town, The Splendid Castle, damlatas cave Wonderland, alive or lively bar Street and the cable car at the heights of all this beauty... the list is so long that these features will allow you to look where you will in five-star luxury on a vacation, what would you say?
 Antalya hotels include Orange County Alanya private beach 5-star ultra all-inclusive concept with nature views up to and above the Dec with a finger pointing view.

The crystal sea of the Mediterranean Sea

Orange County Alanya Hotel has a private beach.  On this beach, families can safely enjoy a five-star holiday with their children in a specially reserved part for babies. You will have another holiday in the crystal sea of the Mediterranean Sea.
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