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  Alanya is a district a little far from the center of Antalya. There are many activities to do here. It is a fascinating city with its sea besides its historical buildings.

First Stopping Point Alanya Castle
When you come to Alanya, it can be suggested that your first stopover point is Alanya Castle. While the historical atmosphere of Alanya castle fascinates you, the magnificent view will give you wonderful moments when viewed from there.
Its structure consisting of walls will make you feel in the past due to historical ruins. The fact that it has lasted from the past to the present is an indication of how durable and solid it is.

The Symbol of Alanya, Kızılkule
  Apart from Alanya Castle, Kızılkule, which is also a historical place, is one of the places that should be visited by tourists. Because this is a place that has now become the symbol of Alanya.
If you visit the exhibitions opened here, you will have access to a lot of information about history. The Kızılkule, which has a different and beautiful architecture due to the use of rectangular limestones in its construction, fascinates those who see it. In addition, the inscription "Thanks to Allah" written on the door of the tower attracts attention.
One of the places of great importance for Alanya in terms of history is Tophane. Consisting of a two-storey building, Tophane has 2 windows on the first floor. One of them faces the land and the other faces the sea.
The reason for this is to try to protect this place against possible threats from both land and sea. In addition, thanks to the vaulted corridor in its structure, it is possible to pass to the walls nearby.
There is also a cistern where the soldiers can meet their water needs.

Antalya's Favorite Museum: Alanya Archeology Museum
Alanya archeology museum, which is one of the best museums in Antalya for museum lovers as well as historical buildings, is one of the must-see places. From the center of Alanya, you can go to the Alanya archeology museum very easily.
Due to its richness of content, it is a frequent destination for many tourists. Since the region has been home to many civilizations, there are also many remains found in archaeological studies.
This museum, which contains many artifacts from ancient times, will allow you to witness the history of Alanya.
Cleopatra Beach, Incekum Beach and Other Wonderful Beaches
   It is a must to come to Alanya after historical and natural places and not go to the seaside or the beach. One of the most preferred and known beaches here is Cleopatra beach.
This place is close to Damlataş cave and these two points can be visited in common. When swimming with sea goggles, it is possible to see the rich beauties of the sea.
This beach is a free public beach, but if you want sunbeds and umbrellas, you have to pay a fee for them. In addition, a spot we can recommend for beach and sea lovers is İncekum Beach.
Due to its sandy and late-deepening structure, this place is frequented by many tourists. Alanya is a rich place with beaches. Apart from these, Portakal beach, Tosmur beach, Ulaş park and beach, Keykubat beach are the beaches we can recommend for beach lovers. There are structures that fascinate those who come on holiday with their natural beauty and deep blue seas.

The Most Beautiful Alanya View: Kizilcasehir Castle
   One of the most beautiful places that can be recommended to those who want to see Alanya from a bird's eye view is Kızılcaşehir Castle. This castle is surrounded by water on three sides. There are historical ruins and historical tombs around the castle.
When you enter the castle, you will see the beauty of the historical building. Not only the castle but also the historical ruins in the surrounding prove that this place has hosted many civilizations.
When you come here, you should not forget to visit these historical ruins. It also stands out as a castle where you can see the city from many angles.
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