An Amsterdam Experience in the Mediterranean…

Ultra all-inclusive (adult only +18) concept,

Are you ready to have a unique Amsterdam experience in the background, with magnificent views of the Taurus Mountains and the blue waters of the Mediterranean?

Orange County Resort Hotel located in Kemer, Antalya's popular entertainment and holiday center;
Combining the Dutch concept of free entertainment and original architecture with the luxury of a five-star hotel, it radically changes the concept of holiday

As soon as you enter the hotel, an exterior and lobby where you will feel at the Amsterdam Railway Station welcome you, 5000 m² large pool and party area is designed inspired by the city's famous water channels. The rooms you will stay in look like traditional Dutch houses.

Restaurants, cafes, bars and discos are located in accordance with the originality of the city.

Adapting Amsterdam's iconic city structure to our hotel will give you a magical holiday experience!

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