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Live Your Holiday in the Peaks…

Our Spa & Wellness saloon provides service throughout the day with Turkish bath, sauna, fitness center, skin care and various massage packages to relieve you of the tiredness of the day.

Spa Center

The Spa Center, which was built according to the philosophy of Feng Shui, is an award-winning SPA center not only in terms of the area it covers but also with the service options it offers. In addition to Far Eastern therapies, all European massages and treatments are offered at the Spa centre, and personal care programs are also prepared upon the request of the guests. The center where world therapy treatments are offered with the privilege of Spa; It has a mixed care concept consisting of Indian, Thai, Indonesian and European massages. In the SPA Center, problem areas are determined in the presence of expert therapists and treatment-oriented applications are carried out with classical massages, hydrotherapy, Ericson Laboratoire treatments and instrumental massage techniques. Thai massage rooms, classical massage rooms, Indian massage, relaxation rooms, indoor pool, skin and body care rooms offer perfect service to their guests.
Spa Center is subject to private management. Massage and Peeling are paid. It serves depending on the reservation. Hammam, sauna and steam room are free.


Sport is another in Orange County Kemer;
At the water sports center on the beach, guests are offered the opportunity to rest their body and soul with all kinds of land, water and extreme sports.

In the Fitness Center located in the spa center, treadmill, vertical exercise bike, horizontal exercise bike, rowing, step, center multi-purpose gym machine, weightlifting bench, dumble set, chest press shoulder press, leg press, seated row, leg extension, leg Curl, flat bench, vertical knee raise, adjustable bench and more tools are available.
In addition, our guests make their days enjoyable by participating in various activities such as morning gymnastics, darts, water polo, water gymnastics, water polo, pool games, dance courses, step, which are among the daily activities.
Kangoo Jump activity is carried out with professional sports instructors during the day 2 days a week.
Water and extreme sports are paid and subject to private management.
There is an age restriction in the Fitness Center and children between the ages of 0-15 are prohibited from using it. Use of the Fitness Center is free. Individuals are responsible for any health problems that may arise due to the individual work of our guests and any damage to the equipment.

***Water sports are not available during the winter season.
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