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6 Coves You Must See in Antalya Boat Tour
     Antalya, the most popular holiday city of the Mediterranean, has extremely rich alternatives in terms of places to visit. Antalya, which is one of the most visited cities by tourists due to its favorable weather conditions for a four-season holiday, is lively every season thanks to the curious and cheerful tourists who roam its streets during the summer months. The city, which allows its visitors to have a pleasant holiday with its decent summer resorts and touristic districts, has recently been hosting thousands of tourists from countries such as Germany, England, Spain and Russia.
In Antalya, where many different events and activities are organized so that tourists can have fun and have a pleasant holiday, the season continues from April to the end of September. We can describe the perfect meeting of the sea and the sun as a visual feast in the city, which has a great advantage in terms of tourism in this respect.
How about experiencing the longing meeting of the sea and the sun on a beautiful boat tour? If you want, you can go on a daily boat tour or you can choose the boat rental option and spend a few days of your holiday in the endless blue. You can collect unforgettable memories while visiting the neat bays of Antalya.
We have compiled 7 bays that you must see so that you can visit and explore Antalya's bays full of surprises with its warm air, deep blue sea and lush nature.
Moonlight Cove
One of the bays in the center of Kemer, Moonlight Bay can be reached both by land and sea. Moonlight Bay, which will fascinate you the moment you step on the thin golden yellow beach surrounded by trees, invites you to peace with its deep blue sea.
Kekova Bay
Kekova, a small island located off Kaleköy and Üçağız near the Demre district of Antalya, has a city that was submerged due to the earthquake that occurred in the 2nd century. Swimming and diving are prohibited around the mysterious, well-protected city. You can only see in detail during the boat tour that half of the houses are submerged and the stairs extend to the sea. During the Kekova boat tour, you can visit Kaleköy's dock full of bougainvillea and eat a delicious fish.
Kiris Cove
If you are interested in diving, you should definitely add Kiriş Bay to your tour route, which will provide you with a magnificent experience thanks to its underwater caves. We can say that it is a must-see stopover place in Antalya with its turquoise sea, underwater beauties and various fish species.
Paradise Cove
Cennet Bay is one of the most beautiful bays in Antalya with its lush green trees, deep blue sea and the perfect view of the enchanting Taurus Mountains. While the clean sea of ​​the sheep embraces you, the magnificent sound of nature will create a perfect environment for you to collect unforgettable memories.
Adrasan Suluada Bay
If you go to Olympos, which is the scene of the legendary stories of Greek mythology, and Adrasan, which is right next to it, we recommend you to visit Suluada first. Due to the lack of boat entrance to Olympos, the tour boat is not allowed to leave. For this reason, you can reach Suluada, which will make you feel like you have gone to the Maldives, with its fine white sand and clear turquoise sea, only by boat tour.
Phaselis Bay
Phaselis Bay is undoubtedly one of the most preferred bays of Antalya. The bay takes its name from the ancient city of Phaselis, where it is home; It is famous for its warm sea, fine golden sands and historical city. Almost all of the ancient city of Phaselis is well preserved. You can catch beautiful photos while visiting the amphitheater, aqueducts and market places among the lush trees.
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