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Famous Iranian actress Reyhane Parsa takes the holiday break of filming at  in Orange County Kemer
    Iranian actress and director, 23-year-old Ryhane Parsa, shot her second short film "Zaman Bir Mahi", for which she wrote the script, in Istanbul.
    Parsa, who took the director's chair in 2018 for her first short film, has been living in Istanbul for about 2 years and continues her cinema activities here. The short film is aimed to meet the audience at international festivals.
  Famous actress holiday choice Orange County Kemer 
  Ryhane Parsa takes a holiday break in Orange County Kemer to relieve the tiredness and stress of filming. Parsa, who will be staying for 7 days, commented to the hotel management, "The photos we captured here in Orange County Kemer hotel are wonderful, the holiday content we make is a very different fun concept where unique moments can be captured." 'I both rested and had fun,' she said.
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