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Would you like to have an Amsterdam Experience in the Mediterranean with Orange County Kemer ?
   With the Orange County Kemer hotel, which offers you the experience of Amsterdam architectural concept in Antalya's Kemer district, you will experience it without the need to go to the Netherlands.
  So just Amsterdam architecture?
 Of course not, this unique hotel, which brings together the entertainment life of the Netherlands with the crystalline Mediterranean sea and sand of Turkey, has been certified by winning consecutive awards both with its architecture and with its legendary entertainment concept.
  Orange County Kemer, which broke new ground with the concept in 2023
  It has created a success by introducing Turkey's and even the world's best entertainment and animation concept, and according to the guest accommodation statistics of the hotel's Digital Media team, famous influencers and youtubers from many parts of the world, with millions of followers who want to spend their holidays here and produce content, Orange County It was emphasized that he preferred Kemer.
This new concept and ambitious goals await holiday lovers with the slogan of Orange County Kemer, the Amsterdam of the Mediterranean.
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