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Orange County Kemer spends the year 2022 with full entertainment with its +18 concept, Orange County Kemer, which opened with the May festival, continues to entertain its guests with new concept entertainment parties and famous DJs without hesitation.
  Orange County Kemer, which entertains its guests with more than 30 concept parties a week, already creates a different effect. A perfect atmosphere is created with evening parties such as Red party, White party, Medusa party, Secret Forest party, Space party, Neon light party.
Not only evening parties but also daytime parties are legendary
   In addition to the evening concept parties, we can say that animation is active 24/7 with daytime pool parties and various organizations. There is no such thing as socializing and not participating in parties in Orange County Kemer, everyone fits the concept here and you step into a real world of entertainment among adults without children.

Flyboard party that went viral for İnci Caps

   We have stated that the entertainment atmosphere in Orange County Kemer is legendary so much that the events shared by the guests have started to be shared even from the famous humorous social media accounts in Turkey, the flyboard event in the accounts followed by millions and the interaction of those who want to watch it made the video viral.
As we always say, the slogan of Ömer Torosluoğlu, owner of Orange County Hotels, that best fits this +18 concept, is Orange County Kemer +18, the hotel for young people and those who feel young.
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