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Read on for what you need to know about Ireland's world-wide pub culture and the unwritten rules you won't find anywhere else!
The Irish understand good whiskey and good beer, which is an element that enriches their alcohol culture. There are tens of thousands of pubs in Ireland. This is proof of what kind of socializing place pubs are for them. Pubs are so popular with the Irish that the bartender knows what the customers are drinking.
One of the most beautiful features of Irish pubs is whether you go to the place alone or with a large group, because everyone will mingle with each other inside and the environment will be a warm chat environment.
Let's come to the unwritten rules of this sweet culture.
Before you buy the chair and stool you find empty, you should definitely ask the people at the table if I can get it. Otherwise, it's considered disrespectful.
The music playing in the background should never be at a level to overwhelm the conversation.
You will increase the pleasure of your holiday in our Irish Pub concept bar, where we have brought this deep-rooted and entertaining bar culture to our Alanya hotel.
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